User Details

This page will show you detailed information about a single user object.

User Object Types

The category "user object" includes:
  • AzureAD user objects
  • AzureAD external users, a.k.a. guests
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Room and Equipment mailboxes
  • Administrative user accounts

Object Properties

Every user details page will show an overview of the core properties like
  • Display Name
  • AzureAD Object ID
  • Additional properties
on the left side of the screen in a glanceable way. This part will not scroll and be always visible in any tab.
Core Object Properties

Status information

The core properties include some glanceable information about the status of a user object:
  • Enabled - The user is not blocked from sign in
  • Member - The user is a native user in this tenant/organization
  • Guest - This is an external user from a different organization
  • DE/US... - Two letter code designating the user's usage location which is relevant for licensing.
  • - When the object was created
  • - Last signin activity


The right side of the screen shows the contents of the current tab, which can be
  • "Overview" with more information about the object
  • "Runbooks" showing available runbooks - as the name implies
  • Raw data sources, like AzureAD, Sign in logs etc display in JSON. Only available for RealmJoin administrators.
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