User Details

This page will show you detailed information about a single user object.

User Summary (left half of page)

User Object Types

The category "user object" includes:

  • AzureAD user objects

  • AzureAD external users, a.k.a. guests

  • Shared mailboxes

  • Room and Equipment mailboxes

  • Administrative user accounts

Object Properties

Every user details page will show an overview of the core properties like

  • Display Name

  • AzureAD Object ID

  • Additional properties

on the left side of the screen in a glanceable way. This part will not scroll and be always visible in any tab.

Status information

The core properties include some glanceable information about the status of a user object:

  • Enabled - The user is not blocked from sign in

  • Member - The user is a native user in this tenant/organization

  • Guest - This is an external user from a different organization

  • DE/US... - Two letter code designating the user's usage location which is relevant for licensing.

Overview Tab

Main tab, showing you a host on information about the user, including owned devices and group memberships.

Runbooks Tab

If you have been given Supporter or Admin-Permissions, this gives you access to runbooks that can be executed on this user object. For example to change an email-address for a user.

See Process Automation for more information.

Settings Tab

You can assign Key-Value pairs of data to specific users to control RealmJoin Clients behavior for this user.

Most of the time this is used to overwrite settings configure on a group or for all users.

Clicking a name/key will open a UI allowing you to manipulate/create the setting.

Be aware: The value of the setting must be valid JSON, which includes singular values like true or strings (without brackets).

The switches in the lower half of the wizard allow scoping this setting to certain scenarios like VDI / Windows365 machines.

Please see Available Settings for more information on which settings can be used.

Other Tabs

  • Raw data sources, like AzureAD, Sign in logs etc display in JSON. Only available for RealmJoin administrators.

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