Audit Log


After configuring Log Analytics as data storage, RealmJoin will start to log actions done in RealmJoin Portal into its Audit Log.

As Admin you can review any actions/changes executed in RealmJoin Portal using Audit Log. This includes:

  • Adding/Removing group members

  • Group creations/deletions

  • Runbook sync and job creation actions

  • Application management actions

Please be aware, Self Service Form Submissions are not logged in this space as they have a separate log.

It can take several minutes for an action to be visible in the Audit Log.

Search and Sort

You can search entries by all fields displayed in the list, including the message content, category and username.

You can sort by most fields by clicking on the fields' header (name).

Event Details

Click Details next to a list entry to open its detailed view.

This will display all available metadata for an audit log entry.

You can use a real-time search which will highlight properties containing the search string.

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