The RealmJoin backend expects application credentials (username and secret) presented via http basic authentication.

Username and secret will be created for you by our RealmJoin operations team. Please feel free to reach out if you want to integrate RealmJoin into your own tools and processes!


For the sake of demonstration, let us assume the username created for you is t-12341234and the secret is myS3cret!.

To authenticate, concatenate username and password, separated by a colon (t-12341234:myS3cret!)and encode this into a Base64-String.

Our example username and secret will encode to dC0xMjM0MTIzNDpteVMzY3JldCE=

Now, on every request against the RealmJoins backend service present an http header with the resulting Authorization:

Authorization: Basic dC0xMjM0MTIzNDpteVMzY3JldCE=

RealmJoin will then allow you to interact with ressources in your envorinment. It will not allow yuo to interact with resources foreign to your tenant. Remember that RealmJoin Portal requires SSL/TLS transport layer encryption on every request - your credentials will not be exposed to the traversing networks.

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