Required Permissions

This page describes the permissions needed for RealmJoin to interact with Azure Automation / Runbooks.

See Requirements to see which permissions need to be granted to Azure Automation for the runbooks to be useful in your environment.

RealmJoin Runbook Management

RealmJoin will create an Application Registration called RealmJoin Runbook Management which is used to update the Azure Automation Runbooks in your tenant based on RealmJoin's shared runbook repository.

This app also will be used by RealmJoin Portal to trigger runbook execution after filtering requests through RealmJoin's RBAC and Runbook Permissions.

As this app is created individually for your tenant, there is no globally known Application ID as with RealmJoin Portal's apps.

This app will not have any API permissions.

Azure Resource Permissions

The RealmJoin Runbook Management app will need to be at least Contributor on the Azure Resource Group hosting your Azure Automation Account. Using our onboarding process will make sure this permission is given.

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