RealmJoin Agent is an optional component that you can use alongside RealmJoin Portal on Windows 10/11 clients. It enables additional scenarios such as:

It can also be used to deploy Windows software and configurations that that cannot be easily delivered using MS Endpoint Manager / Intune.

Compliance Checks

RealmJoin uses the user identity and checks it at a Cloud-Service for an Extended Policy and optionally for a Secondary Identity, then the RealmJoin Security Assessment checks if the system is qualified (Encryption, Patch Level, Firewall, Anti-Virus, etc. - optionally, an Intune-Health-Check may be sufficient). If the user's device is eligible software- and configuration-Policy will be applied (Mandatory Applications, etc.).

This can trigger package installations and the display of RealmJoin's own ESP page.


RealmJoin is responsible for two different processes running on the device:

  • The realmjoin.exe process is started up automatically on Logon. The process is always running and sends upstream data every 15 minutes.

  • The realmjoinservice.exe is called when a package requires the SYSTEM mode to be processed. It is not running by default.

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