Runbook Logs


Runbook logs allows you to review recent and archived runbook executions (jobs).

Type and Category

Runbooks in RealmJoin Portal are scoped to either the organization (tenant), a device, a user or a group to align with User, Group and Device management.

Also, categories can be used to organize runbooks into specific topics. The default categories are "general", "mail" and "security".

Both type and category influence when/where a runbook will be offered in RealmJoin Portal and are reflected in Runbook logs to allow searching and sorting accordingly. See Naming Conventions to understand how type and category are assigned to a runbook.

Search and Sort

You can search for jobs by job ID, name, type or category. The search will update as you type.

You can sort by most fields by clicking on the field's header (name).

Job Details

Click on a job's ID to open the job's details page, which will show more metadata, the runbook's outputs and parameters. See Runbook Job Details for more information.

Scheduled Jobs and Schedules

Scheduled Jobs

Click Scheduled Jobs to see all scheduled jobs in your Azure Automation Account, regardless of type/context.

You can Delete the scheduled job using the button to the right of the job. This will not delete the runbook, only the scheduled job.

See Scheduling if you wish to create new scheduled jobs.


Click Schedules to view and manage available schedules for your runbooks.

See Scheduling to learn more.

Archived Logs

Azure Automation will only keep runbook job logs for a limited time. RealmJoin offers to copy/archive runbook logs into a Log Analytics Workspace to preserve them for a longer time. This will only be available after you've correctly configured/onboarded Log Analytics.

Please be aware that you have to modify the Workspace's retention time to accommodate your needs as this will limit how long archived logs can be stored.

Click Archived to switch from the recent logs in Azure Automation to those stored in Log Analytics.

You can search and inspect these the same as the regular logs under Recent.

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