User Interface

Client Menu

After being successfully installed, RealmJoin is automatically started upon user login and is permanently active in the background. It is represented with an ID card icon.

Clicking on the icon opens the RealmJoin client menu. It contains basic information in the lower part and several links in the upper part. These links are ordered in two different sections - Web Links and Software Packages.

Web Links contains customizable web links. For example, Google. When a user clicks the web link Google, RealmJoin opens Google Search automatically.

Software Packages contain customizable software categories. For example, Browser contains links to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. With a click on a link, RealmJoin automatically starts an installation or an updating process (if the software is already installed).

Furthermore, RealmJoin offers a remote function (Start remote session). For more information read our AnyDesk article.

A further useful feature is Sync this device:

When you click Sync this device RealmJoin will install or update mandatory packages. Furthermore, Sync this device helps to speed up background processes (e. g. waiting for new weblinks or waiting for an admin account).

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