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Connecting a Tenant

To connect RealmJoin clients backend to an AzureAD tenant a Hello Token is needed. This token can be requested from the support team. A RealmJoin administrator group has to be created upfront in AAD with the name cfg-RealmJoin Admin and all dedicated RealmJoin administrators should be added to it. The Connect Wizard is located under the URL RealmJoin connect. The token and the tenant name are to be entered and the request submitted.
Sometimes if a new tab is used, the RealmJoin portal needs to log the admin user in first. This leads to the page reloading. In this case, open the link RealmJoin connect in the same browser tab again.
A tenant administrator has to give consent to RealmJoin. The Connect Wizard creates the necessary entries in Intune. After completion, it is important to revisit the first tab/browser window and the Check&Install option to be executed.

RealmJoin Permissions

The following permissions are admitted by the administrator consent and set in Azure via the GraphAPI:

Default configuration for new tenants

After successful connection the following software packages are provided as default in RealmJoin portal:
  • Choco Extension RealmJoin Core
  • RealmJoin Core Extension
  • Generic RealmJoin Win10 Core Settings System
  • Generic RealmJoin Win10 Remove Suggested Apps
  • Generic RealmJoin Win10 Remove Provisioned Apps
  • Generic RealmJoin Win10 Update Start Layout
  • Generic Google Chrome
  • Generic Mozilla Firefox ESR
  • Generic Microsoft Office ProPlus
  • Generic Microsoft Teams
  • Generic RealmJoin Publish State Computer System Information