Onboarding RealmJoin Portal
Step by step guide to use RealmJoin Portal in a new tenant

Self-onboard RealmJoin Portal

Visit and sign in as Global Admin of your AzureAD Tenant.
The App will request basic permissions needed to interact with RealmJoin Portal. This permission are required for any user interacting with RealmJoin Portal - e.g. to use self-services.
Initial Sign In
'Accept' and continue.
After successful login it will try to interact with Azure AD for the first time and will ask you to grant minimum permissions to access Azure AD. Press 'Grant Permissions'.
Grant minimum permissions - redirect
The wizard will present a success message.
Grant minimum permissions - redirect
Follow the link to Feature selection.
Feature selection
Now you can choose the amount of permissions to be given to RealmJoin. If you are testing, you might want to start with "Activate Core Features (read-only)". This will not allow RealmJoin Portal to change users, groups or devices.
In most cases continue by clicking "Activate Core Features".
If you want to use runbooks to automate daily operations, please continue by connecting to Azure Automation.
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