Package Store Details

This page will show detailed information for a single package from the package store and allows to provision this package to your environment.

Package Types

Nearly all packages from the RealmJoin store can either be subscribed for RealmJoin agent or intune driven deployment.

The Intune driven deployment pushes the .intunewin version of the package directly into the tenant. It can be managed either from the RealmJoin portal or in Intune directly. The .intunewin packages contain all binaries as well as a Powershell based deploy kit.

RealmJoin driven deployment relies on the RealmJoin agent installed on the device. Using a modified Chocolatey engine and Powershell, all code and installation commands are executed directly on the device. Binaries are downloaded during the installation.

As of today, we recommend RealmJoin driven deployment, as it offers more options and manageability.

Packages can be subscribed as mananged or basic.

  • basic packages are available for assignment to groups or users and do not offer additional features. If you are familiar with RealmJoin Classic (2015-2024), the basic option is similar to it.

  • managed packages leave the group management and assignment to the RealmJoin backend. A fixed number if groups is created. The assignment of the package is only available to those. The groups include preview and uninstall groups. The static connection between the RealmJoin backend and the Entra group also allows utilize additional features like the automatic update of packages if a new version is published in RealmJoin.

Package Properties

Core properties

Every package details page will show an overview of the core properties like the package's Display Name, Description and Package ID ("Unique RJ ID") on the left side of the screen. This part will not scroll and be always visible in any tab.

Status fields

Also displayed on the left side of the screen are four status fields for a package, displayed as tags below the package name and publisher name.

These fields are binary - they are set to one of two possible values. The text of each field changes accordingly. Some of the fields are also color-coded for easier glancability.

Maintained / Unmaintained

RealmJoin will provide new versions / updates of maintained packages on a regular basis.

Automatic package management can be applied to keep the software delivered by these packages permanentely up-to-date in your environment.

Generic / Custom

"Generic" packages are available to all customers / environments.

"Custom" packages are not globally available to all customers. In most cases this is a custom software package created specifically for your environment.

Billable / Non-billable

Provisioning of this package will count towards your package usage quota - if you have one. Currently all publicly available packages are billable.

Free to Use / Needs license

Does this software need a commercial license to be used?

MS Security Center Software Inventory (TVM) entry

If available, a link to this software title's MS Security Center Software Inventory (TVM)'s entry will be displayed. There you can check for known security issues and outdated versions of this software in your organization.

An appropriate license from Microsoft is needed to access TVM.

This page allows to examine your current security posture, incl. installed versions and distribution on devices as well as security recommendations regarding this software title.


Also displayed on the left side of the screen is the version of the software package.

If you already provisioned the package to your environment, a link to the provisioned package in Package Management will be displayed. The link will show the name and version of the provisioned package.

Subscribe to Package

On the Overview Tab of a package, you will find buttons, that allow you to import the package from the store into your environment.

They will create a Win32 software package in Intune when pressed. You have two options:


When you choose "managed", RealmJoin will also create Microsoft Entra groups to assign the application to users.

Assigning users to the main and the preview group will trigger a "required" installation of this software title in Intune. Managed packages currently do not support "available" installations. This is to make sure, that future package/application updates will actually arrive on a user's device - which is not guaranteed via "available" installations.

"Managed" packages are the preferred way to deploy software to your users. You can combine it with automated package updates and ensure your users receive latest features and patches.


"Basic" just creates the Intune application but will not associate it with any groups or users. You will have to manually assign groups, devices or users.

If you want to offer software for "available" installation through MS Company Portal, you can do so with "basic" packages. Be aware, fully automated updates of software is not guaranteed via "available" installations.


The right side of the screen shows the contents of the current tab.

The following tabs are available:

Overview / Subscribe

Title, Description and other Info

This tab will show the long description, license and technical help information of a package.

Subscribe / Provisioning

This tab also shows the Subscribe-Buttons for this package. See Subscribing.


The package's changelog shows when the packages has been updated in RealmJoin's repository plus a short description of changes.

RealmJoin Store

Raw JSON representation of the package and its metadata object in the store. This is primarily for debugging and administrative purposes.

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