RealmJoin can be deployed on a device using one of multiple ways, depending on the individual scenario. As a first step, download the RealmJoin installer of your choice and preceed to the desired installation method.
Stable release: RealmJoin Release Version
Beta Channel (near to stable, for long time testing): RealmJoin Beta Version
Canary Channel (Experimental, first testing): RealmJoin Canary Version

Front-End (Client)

The front-end component of RealmJoin is a RealmJoin client, which is installed on the Windows 10 device. With the installed RealmJoin client an individual user is can access and install provided software in self-service. Packages assigned as required by the administrator are installed automatically on the first Logon after assignment. RealmJoin is responsible for two different processes running on the device:
    The realmjoin.exe process is started up automatically on Logon. The process is always running and sends upstream data (compare to chapter RealmJoin Portal every 15 minutes).
    The realmjoinservice.exe is called when a package requires the SYSTEM mode to be processed. It is not running by default.


The following pre-requirements are necessary for RealmJoin:
    Microsoft Azure with Azure AD
    Windows 10
    Microsoft Intune
RealmJoin runs on every Windows 10 device. A Windows 10 certified device with a TPM chip is recommended to ensure BitLocker initialization.
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