Protocol Handler

It is possible to install RealmJoin packages using an URL-link.The correct format for this command consists of the realmjoin: call, the subcommand install and the package ID, e.g. generic-google-chrome.The complete link therefore would be written as:realmjoin:install:generic-google-chrome.The package has to be assigned for the user in the RealmJoin backend.

NoGraph Option

To install RealmJoin without Graph API consent, the registry key


can be set to 1.It is also possible to set this key during the installation of RealmJoin as a argument for the msi:

msiexec /i "RealmJoin.msi" NOGRAPH=1.

Custom States

It is possible to extend the standard RealmJoin states with arbitrary custom states. JSON files located in %ProgramData%\RealmJoin\CustomStates are automatically evaluated and added to the telemetry upload in the RealmJoin portal.A RealmJoin extension allows to create custom JSON files using a scheduled task, therefore executing a script on regular basis and recreating the JSON.Create a chocolatey package which uses the task registration extensions:Register-RealmjoinCustomStateScheduledTask For optional parameters check Register-RealmjoinCustomStateScheduledTask in the core extension section.As per default, the newly created task executes the script .\publishState.ps1 once per day.

The within the powershell script created JSON file might be designed as:

  "CustomStates": {
    "bad-json": {
      "Error": "File cannot be parsed: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: a. Path '', line 0, position 0."
    "is-not-json-object": {
      "Error": "File cannot be parsed: Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Current JsonReader item is not an object: StartArray. Path '', line 1, position 1."
    "name . test $ foo": {
      "test": "ok"
    "test": {
      "hello": "world"
    "too-big": {
      "Error": "File size (66075 bytes) exceeds limit of 65536 bytes."

Scheduled Tasks

The RealmJoin extensions contain CmdLets to simply register and unregister a scheduled task on the client. The task is executed by the system account. For all available CmdLets see Scheduled Tasks.